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short {< 20,000 words}

let us
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ r ≫ 3,040 words
a relationship is a two-way street.

give me your hands (i will pick the stars for you)
taehyung/jeongguk, namjoon/yoongi ≫ r ≫ 15,519 words
i miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase it until the end of time.

i just wanted you to know (that baby, you’re the best)
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ r ≫ 16,627 words
if you experience headaches, nausea, or heartbreak, discontinue use and talk to your doctor because relationships might not be right for you.

watchers of the eternal flame
seokjin/jimin ≫ nc-17 ≫ 16,711 words
jimin goes to rio de janeiro to live his passion. he leaves rio de janeiro having found his dream.

i fear the fever, it runs electric
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 2,717 words
there are some perks to having jeongguk as a boyfriend. for one, he makes procrastination impossible.

melt in your mouth (not in your hands)
taehyung/jeongguk/jimin ≫ nc-17 ≫ 7,390 words
what happens at a rave stays at a rave—except this one.

the ocean at the end of the universe
jimin/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 13,252 words
it's hard to find just one person in a sea of stars.

you're my genie, lamborghini (you're my teeny weeny meenie)
jimin/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ ~9,000 words
you know those people who say technology is driving people apart? yeah, fuck them.

the day the earth stood still
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ pg-13 ≫ 4,826 words
somewhere in new york, seoul, florence, los angeles, is a tale as old as time.

shaking inside my bones
seokjin/jimin ≫ nc-17 ≫ 1,970 words
for better or for worse, everyone gets better at this. it’s practice. it doesn’t quite make perfect but it gets pretty damn close.

❀ hana wa kaori, kimi wa uruwashi ❀
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ pg ≫ 1,140 words
taehyung is on a mission, jeongguk is a victim of weaboo coercion, and jimin is just here to fuck around.

long {> 20,000 words}

pour up (drank) ao3 dw
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 41,770 words
if you can read this, take another shot.

never let me go
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 28,848 words
sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.

rich bitch
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 28,658 words
when you make six figures a year, valentino isn’t that big of a deal.

galaxy s♡
seokjin/jimin ≫ pg-13 ≫ 21,275 words
“we all have those memories that don’t end even when everything is over. some call that critical error. others call it human existence.”

kiss me hard before you go
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 20,270 words
dramatization. do not try at home.

terrible things happen (sometimes, they save you) ao3 dw
taehyung/jeongguk ≫ nc-17 ≫ 57,770 words
min yoongi wakes up from a nightmare on a sunless afternoon to a reality more twisted than his dizziest daydreams.

bad moon rising
taehyung/jeongguk, seokjin/jimin ≫ nc-17 ≫ 21,983 words
taehyung has always wanted to be a superhero. jeongguk has always been a supernatural.
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